Clark, the story of that phone call is one of the funniest things I've read in MONTHS.

Just thought you should know that.


This is such a classic post. I too have called Dr. Scott. It was the summer of 98, before my senior year at USC. I was staying with a friend for a few weeks until my new apartment was available and we ran across Dr. Scott on KDOC Channel 56. Channel 56 is the same station that used to air this cat named Wally George's show. He was insanely funny in his own right, but he couldn't touch Gene. Anyway, I had told my friend about Dr. Scott and how I'd seen this dude on TV since I was about 11 years yet never knew what the hell he was talking about. We decided to sit and watch for a few minutes, and at 21 years old I still didn't know what the hell he was talking about. We decided to call up the number and just ask. We got some operator chick that didn't really help us, but she sure did hit us up for a donation. She couldn't explain why Dr. Scott exactly needed our money and just kept spouting some religious conman nonsense. We hung up laughing and decided to watch the rest. That dude should be in a straight jacket.

Also, I have to give you props for knowing about Leroy Jenkins. I was stoned out of my mind about a year ago and this dude's infomercial comes on. He was rocking a purple suit and what looked like some kind of Elvis pompador wig. It was comepletely ludicrous. He was peddling some miracle water and I just knew that I had made this up in my head. There was no way this guy could be real. The next day I told the story to a few people and they all told me to lay off the weed. Then I looked him up on the Internet and found that he actually did exist. A white guy named Leroy Jenkins was hilarious enough for me, but then I found out the well he got his miracle water from had been cited by the health department for having high amounts of fecal matter. This guy was literally selling shit water to people. Leroy Jenkins is in a class all his own.


Thanks for reminding me about Dr. Scott. Not calling into his show is quickly becoming of the few regrets in my life.

Thanks for making me laugh.


After last week, I gotta pump up the laughs around here! Thanks for chiming in.

Cinque, glad you know about Jenkins! Not many people have heard of that mad prophet!

Didn't know about his unholy water scam, geez!

Mr. Charleston

Great post, I remember finding the preacher on the internet way, way long time ago. I was Googling Kill a Pissant for Jesus when I found your site. I'll be back.

John hill

You need to write a screenplay of this.


Dr. Scott entertained me many nights in the early 80's. The best of his best was the sermon "Kill A Piss Ant For Jesus." I think of it from time to time. It is always good for a chuckle.

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