What does 'they keep close watch on those who submit more then once’ mean?

They encourage and reward your tenacity? Or they become annoyed with multiple applications?


Hmm. I suppose the safe answer is: "both."

If you're a good writer who keeps submitting great, original work, you're displaying dedication in the face of adversity. That's a key survival skills for screenwriters, and a major plus in their book.

(It's also likely that if you submit a horrible application 100 times in a row, they'll certainly note your dedication, but not in a good way.)

Fun Joel

I guess my one question about the program, based on a quick glance at the agreement they have you sign, is are you concerned with your script being locked up with them as producers? In other words, obviously, if they end up making your film that's a great thing. But it seems that they own the rights in perpetuity, so if they can't get it made, but you think you might be able to get it made elsewhere, doesn't that hinder you?

Of course, I may have misread, or misunderstood. But I'd love your opinion on that one. Thanks!


Fun Joel: Good question, and one that we asked at our first meeting. Bottom line: if TF's not interested in any script, they will in no way keep us from shopping it elsewhere.

The "first-look" agreement you sign is the only thing they ask of workshop participants (well, that, and writing your butt off). If somebody churns out a script that TF absolutely loves and wants to make, it's reasonable that they have the first shot since they helped develop it. And if it's a script they don't like, they have absolutely no interest (or time or money) in sitting on a property they don't want to move forward. In those cases, they release us from any obligation and wish us the best of luck elsewhere.

Personally, I like the fact that this workshop comes with a first-look deal with a shingle at a major studio. It's not always easy getting script read in this town, and I know these folks will give me serious consideration.

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