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Anthony on June 5

Will there ever make an up to date Phantasm


not real - we'd be there! feb 12 austin only


Phantasm is it a dream or a nightmare could it be a illusion or a ghost well as Tall Man said Boooooooy its time to die.

Yes Phantasm will be put down as one of the best four films ever !!!!!!!!

This film used no CGI at all and that to Me is a film unlike so much films today Phantasm will go down into history just like Blade Runner !!!!!!!

Next will Tall Man have one more time around to finsh to Me the story is not done I know alot of people have said this but they need to have a Part 5 of Phantasm and finsh the story line.

Meeting what happens to Tall Man after they go throw the RIFTS between him being Good then turning Evil in part 4 what happens after that at the end of the film ??????

Last I hope they will have part 5 then it can be put as a box set and on the big screen will see ???????

Thank You.


Looks like I missed out. Damn. LA is right next door to us Sacramentoans.

Diane kelis

There already is a boxed set of the phantam films ,, the films are stored in larger version of the tallmans spheres!! It's my prized possesion!

Tom Smith

Problem with the sphere set, is that they're region 2 discs. Not playable in the US without altering your player (which I've done)!


Best horror movies of all time,i have the box set, hope thay make a phantasm5, Angus your a ledge!!!great work mate and the crew!


Is the Mausoleum in Phantasm the same house that was in the movie 'Burnt Offerings' ??....with Karen Black, Oliver Reed & Bette Davis

BTW I'm wathing Phantasm as we speak....on Chiller...big Fan

darrel  fraley

COME ON THE FANS NEED A NEW PHANTASM 5 you have to make it an 2 hour movie and put a few new things in the new phantasm movie. u could make it with 2 tall man the new one is the tall man from the new world where the the tall man goes in part 4 and he come through the silver polls and the new tall man is much more out for blood and the new tall man wants the boy and angus the real tall man kills the new tall man over the boy at the end of phamtasm4 and when the new tall man dies a silver ball comes out of his head and one comes out of his pants wow whats a movie and dont forget to put the cuda in the movie too reggie where are u lets get a new phantasm movie . ITS TIME FOR PHANTASM 5, 6, 7 HEY THE FANS ARE WAITING DON COSCARELLI and REGGIE and ANGUS i am darrel fraley of ohio 7-13-2010


Reply to Rich...Good Eye! The Mausoleum is an Estate in California...used in quite a few productions...


I love the Phantasm series. Probably the best series in horror, in my opinion, it's just so friggin' CREEPY hahaha love it! been a Phan since 85 when I first saw it at 11 years old so this series I definitely have an emotional attachment too.....

Markas Crane

Their is no question in my mind the Phantasm movies are the greatest and scariest movies of all time. The whole series flowed together like the Back to the future movies. I hated how the Nightmare On Elm street movies did not do that. Hats off to you Don, If I could vote wright now #1 series of all time,It would be Phantasm series. Your #1 fan Markas Crane p.s. I think you did a great job of ending movies.


just watched the documentary om phantasm came her to check out the site! this is awsome ! like others i want a part5 .to me at the end of 4 the tall man .. looks like he was missing something or he hadnt yet completed his journey..is their another force over him?was or is he a pawn in this to?...IT''S NEVER '' OVER''! BOYYY. thanks,,

Karen M.

I saw the original Phantasm, with my mother, a couple months before my 15th birthday. Scariest movie I've ever seen-hands down!

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