Brian Hodge

Sucky news. I hate to hear it.

Does it never cross the panicky minds of the Powers that the more they pull the plug this way, the less likely some viewers will be to start watching anything new that they try to introduce?

That's the point I'm at now. I'm down to 2 network shows, and one of them is The Simpsons, which, in context, maybe doesn't even count. The rest are on FX, A&E, HBO, etc., where they seem to commit more definitively, and provide some sort of resolution when something does get the axe.

The main networks, though, have effectively lost me for good. I've seen promos for things that looked interesting, but didn't even consider giving them a try. It's like, "Why bother? They'll just set up a bunch of stuff and then drop it."

If what you bounce to next is on one of the networks, sure, I'll tune in then, but that will be out of loyalty to you.


I watched it, all of it, from the first episode to the last. Highly enjoyed it for what it was. I'd be really interested in hearing what parts of yours made it to the final cut of the episodes.


Thanks for the work you all did with V!

I watched every episode from the series premiere to the series finale and will miss it, terribly.

ken petrusch

i loved the serie V. my favorit was 24 when the dont do anymore season A find the V show, a hate all the comic shows, and finaly a real good scfi show on the television.Sandly abc cancelled it, and a hope that it will be on air again.Ken! sweden!


The show was GREAT! V Really kept me on the edge of my seat! I haven't been this intrigued by a show since the first season of Prison Break! I was VERY concerned about Morris Chestnut being the only African American on the show, constantly wondering if his character would live or die and the fact that the show elected him to be the judas of the group was a bit disappointing. Other than that I LOVED IT!!! The writing was PERFECT!!! There shouldn't be any complaints but for the people that do, you can't please everybody! I think if the ratings were good but the show's budget was too expensive to support the writing, I think as the writer that it's a great compliment! Even though the ending is sad, I think you made the show the HIT that it is, and ABC couldn't handle how much of a creative mind that you have. I would walk away with my head up high! Maybe instead of writing for tv shows this is your sign that your ready now for movies!


I watched both V series--the original back in the 1980s and the new show. Seems like many science fiction shows never make it past the 1st or 2nd season. I was also disappointed by the cancellation of Firefly, Jericho, Flash Forward. It was particularly disturbing to have V cancelled on a cliff hanger with Anna winning! Can't you get some support for a 2 hour TV film to wind up the series? Like Serenity did for Firefly?


It seems u do have a few friends to comment on you post, but believe me dear, it did started well but what u made it was one of the lamest shows in TV history. Really really stupid. Thank God it got cancelled and saved me many hours

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