Melissa Hancock

Hi well i'm surprised no one has commented. V like Stargate Universe were Amazing shows , written with truth and knowledge in them , like they must tell you what they are up to & they do through shows like V . YES!!! you have left us on a major cliff hanger. I think it is unfair you need at least to make a TV movie rapping up all the ends PLEASE we need to know or is it not been worked out who wins??? WE DO OF COURSE but it was a real let down to not complete the show Money Money come on we all know that the powers that rule have Billions of dollar to see any thing through and thems the breaks well I think youcan at least write the ending of the show in your words in your blog for your die hard fans to read how about that Clark mate. what do you think ??? Wishing with 1000's more a great job x


Thanks, Melissa. I'm glad you liked V.

I honestly have no idea where season 3 of V might have gone. The Season 2 finale was such a game-changer that anything would've been possible. Had we gone forward, the writing staff would've met for 2 or 3 weeks and brain-dumped dozens of conceptual possibilities. You can see why it's impossible to predict what the shape of that would've been.

Yes, the powers that be do command billions of dollars. Sometimes they allocate that money wisely, sometimes not. Them's the breaks. I've had my heart broken as a fan and writer by that hard fact.

I hope you'll tune into DEFIANCE when it airs next year.

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